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The UN-Generational test (UNGT) is a youth-led initiative created to gain insight into the effects of policies on current and future generations in order to create equitable, inclusive and sustainable policies.  

The UNGT is inspired by the Dutch National Generational Test, also created by youth, officially accepted by the Dutch Ministry of Interior and Kingdom Relations. 

What is the UNGT?

A generational test is a policy instrument that measures the impact of new policies on current and future generations by using qualitative and quantitative data. The instrument can be used in the development of new policies and stimulates a shift from short-term thinking to long-term thinking. This coalition aims to investigate how this instrument could be integrated within the UN system

UNGT platform

Commitments to the platform: 

1. Support of the UNGT
By joining the platform, all partners publicly express their support to the UNGT and future-oriented policy making, by showing their name or logo on this website.  


2. Attendance to the annual meetings  
The goal of this platform is to co-create a framework for the implementation of the UNGT within the UN-system with the aid of an annual meeting where all attendants are equal participants. The strength of this framework is situated in the co-creation of all coalition partners and their support.   


3. Advocate for implementation 
The platform aims to raise awareness across diverse actors about the importance of including current- and future generations in policy making. Partners of the platform agree to advocate for future-oriented processes within their organisations.   

Image by Callum Shaw

Mechanisms of implementation  

The UNGT platform will co-create a framework for implementation of the UNGT within the UN system. More information on this will follow. 

UNGT Partners

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UNGT partner quotes

''The UNGT can be an interesting example of a best practice that can be translated to the UN-level''

Tijmen Roosenboom- Ambassador for Youth, Education, and Work from the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Relations

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